Secure anything.

Data Integrity made easy.
Topaz is an open source solution that allows developers to secure data from any application using any blockchain.
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Achieve true data integrity

Without relying on a third party.
Securely timestamp and verify unlimited data, at minimal cost.
Create an incorruptible, immutable mirror of your database.

Blockchain Agnostic

Secure data on any chain. Anchor to one chain or even multiple chains at once.
Ditch blockchain bloat.

Our Middleware solution means rapid development, low overhead cost, and customization without complexity.

Deploy in minutes, not months.

Topaz works off the shelf, designed by open source developers, modeled after our favorite tools.

Grow at a fraction of the cost.

Our provenance engine allows on-chain security without on-chain storage costs. Secure massive quantities of data at 0.0001% cost.

Simplify Blockchain Software Development

Integrate any existing application with Ethereum, or chain of choice, in order to enable blockchain use cases without smart contract development or prior experience in blockchain development.

No More

Topaz batches transactions into secure data structures, anchoring many transactions on chain at once, avoiding the scaling constraints of standard transaction throughput.

Peace of mind, built in.

Zero knowledge proof engine keeps your data private on your own servers. No one can access it except for you, not even Topaz.

The Best of Both Worlds

Access the integrity and immutability of a public, decentralized blockchain with the speed and ease of a centralized application.

Easy as 1, 2, 3
Our SDKs enable Topaz integration with just three lines of code.

Now anyone can experiment with using blockchains to create transparent, trustless applications with ease.